The Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) McGill is a 30-year-old, independent student organization dedicated to bridging our campus and the Montreal community through the environmental and social justice issues they have in common.  QPIRG-McGill is one of 200 PIRGs across North America, including three in Montreal.

QPIRG-McGill provides programming throughout the year on important social and environmental issues (such as Culture Shock, Social Justice Days, film screenings, and so on), makes a non-corporate ad-free agenda (School Schmool), has a library chock-full of alternative books, movies, and zines, and funds exciting events and projects on campus and in Montreal. QPIRG funds and supports 19 different groups made up of students and community members focused on the issues they are passionate about (the full list is here), as well as co-coordinating the Community University Research Exchange (CURE), which connects students with community organizations to make their research count. QPIRG also co-ordinates Rad Frosh, an alternative first-year frosh geared at a fun, politically progressive orientation to Montreal and McGill.

QPIRG was built by students, and is run by students. Student members elect the volunteer Board of Directors and direct the governance of the organization every year at the Annual General Meeting; students make up most of the staff, volunteers, and working groups members.  Find out more about QPIRG and getting involved at their website: http://www.qpirgmcgill.org


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