McGill Students’ Nightline has offered a confidential and anonymous, information, listening and referral service for all members of the McGill community for over 20 years. Nightline’s volunteers are anonymous to all callers, and callers can be sure that any matters discussed during a call will stay confidential within the service.  Additionally, Nightline is designed to take calls on virtually any topic. Their volunteers are there to help answer information questions, such as inquiries regarding academic policies, directions, or even food delivery numbers. As well, their lines are open to anyone who just wants to chat about something that might be on their mind, such as exam anxiety or relationship troubles.

Nightline volunteers undergo extensive training to effectively help those in crisis or needing support. Additionally, volunteers work hard to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for their callers. McGill Students’ Nightline is open from 6pm-3am every night during the school year. To help provide this service to the McGill community, Nightline receives some of its funding from the Services Referral Fee, which levies $1.75 from each student to fund support groups in the McGill community.  To find out more about Nightline or to get involved, send an email to, or call them at 514-398-MAIN (aka 6246).


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